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Pasadena Resident Shows Act of Kindness to First Responders During Transformer Fire

PASADENA, Texas – On Sunday evening, Pasadena Police officers were dispatched to Richey St. in reference to a transformer fire. Officer L. Chipres was among the first to arrive on the scene.

During the response, Pasadena resident Ellie observed the officers and firefighters working diligently in 100° heat. Showing a profound act of kindness, Ellie took it upon himself to bring ice and bottled water to the first responders on the scene, continuing to do so for several hours until the situation was resolved.

The Pasadena Police Department expressed gratitude for Ellie’s assistance, recognizing his compassion and support for the community’s first responders. His actions underscored the vital connection between residents and those who work to keep them safe, particularly during challenging and potentially dangerous incidents.

Credit Pasadena Police Department
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