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Spring Fire Wildland Team Collaborates with Other Units to Tackle Hill Top Fire

KERRVILLE, Texas, AUGUST 21, 2023 – The Spring Fire Wildland team, along with other units from Strike Team 148, has joined forces with crews from the Elm Fork fire to cut a handline around the perimeter of the Hill Top fire. A progressive hose lay has been constructed down the newly created firebreak to combat the blaze effectively.

These combined efforts have been crucial in controlling and suppressing the fire. Following this action, the Strike Team is traveling to Kerrville, where they will be pre-positioned in anticipation of potential hill country fire dangers. Their readiness and cooperation signify a proactive approach to fire management in the region.

A photo of the team in action was provided courtesy of the Spring Fire Department, illustrating the hands-on work being done to keep communities safe.

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