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Store Manager’s Refusal to Accommodate Customer with Disability Sparks Outrage and Boycott Call

HOUSTON, Texas, August 21, 2023 – A recent incident at a Texas Thrift store located at 2325 FM 1960 has led to calls for a boycott. The store manager, identified as Sylvester, reportedly refused to allow a middle-aged woman with Crohn’s disease to use the restroom facilities. This denial occurred despite the woman having a medical card and the restrooms not being out of order.

According to Marissa Deck, who was shopping with her mother, the incident began when her mother requested to use the restroom for the second time during their shopping excursion. Sylvester allegedly denied the request, even though another customer had been permitted to use the facilities. When confronted about the unfair treatment, Sylvester reportedly laughed, stating that he “doesn’t care.”

Deck described the event in detail on social media, sharing a photo of Sylvester and expressing her disappointment and anger. She noted that her mother has struggled with Crohn’s disease for years and that the refusal was both demeaning and dangerous given her medical condition.

The incident has drawn sharp criticism from online commenters and advocates for disability rights, leading to calls for a boycott of Texas Thrift stores.

Texas Thrift has not yet issued a public response to the incident. The situation highlights the importance of understanding and accommodating individuals with disabilities and medical conditions, as well as the potential legal ramifications of failing to do so.

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