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Texas City High School Lockdown Lifted Following Hoax Gun Threat

TEXAS CITY, Texas, Aug. 30, 2023 – The lockdown at Texas City High School was lifted earlier today after a hoax phone call prompted an exhaustive search of the campus. The Texas City Police Department (TCPD) and the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office conducted two thorough sweeps of all rooms and bathrooms and found no weapons. All students and staff are reported safe.

The initial lockdown was triggered by an anonymous phone call to police claiming that a student was in a bathroom on campus with a gun. The call led to a swift response from TCPD and Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, who immediately secured the campus and initiated a search.

Texas City Assistant Chief Landis Cravens confirmed that the lockdown was precautionary and based on the phone call. He stated that no weapons were found nor was anyone in possession of a weapon during the search. “There was no shooting at the Texas City High School campus. There are no injuries, and all students and staff are safe and secure,” Cravens said.

The Texas City Independent School District (TCISD) provided updates during the lockdown, ensuring the public that everyone on campus was safe and that further precautions were being taken. A tactical team conducted a secondary sweep of the campus as a precautionary measure. The ITC center across the street was also put on hold during the investigation.

Officials have yet to disclose the details leading to the lockdown, but they have advised the public to stay clear of the campus until further notice from law enforcement.

The school district is expected to release an official statement soon.

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