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Small Fire at Marathon GBR Refinery Quickly Extinguished

TEXAS CITY, TX, SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 – Officials from the Marathon GBR refinery reported a small fire that broke out Thursday evening, which was promptly controlled.

At approximately 7:34 PM, Marathon authorities confirmed the incident with the Texas City Office of Emergency Management. The fire involved a combustion of roughly 20 gallons of hydraulic fluid, according to information relayed later by a fire department battalion chief.

Despite a visible plume of smoke emanating from within the refinery’s premises, the city’s emergency management coordinator, Joe Tumbleson, assured that there was no threat to the surrounding populace due to the fire.

In a precautionary measure, fire crews from Texas City carried out air tests in proximity to the refinery and additionally, at the nearby Texas City high-school football stadium. The test results showed no detection of harmful compounds in the air, guaranteeing the safety of the environment and dispelling concerns over potential hazardous emissions.

The swift response by the refinery’s internal mechanisms and the cooperation with local emergency services ensured the situation was contained without any adverse impact on the community or the environment. The incident showcases the readiness and efficiency of the emergency response systems in place.

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