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Texas A&M Forest Service Responds to Gist Road Fire in Jasper County; 0% Containment

JASPER COUNTY, Texas, September 10, 2023 – The Texas A&M Forest Service is mobilizing in response to a request for assistance with the Gist Road Fire in Jasper County. Currently, the wildfire has engulfed an estimated 300 acres and is reported to be 0% contained.

Emergency personnel and firefighters are working vigorously to try to contain the rapidly spreading fire, utilizing both ground and aerial resources. The local community is urged to remain vigilant and adhere to any evacuation orders or guidance issued by the authorities.

As of the latest update, there are no reports on the number of structures threatened or damaged by the fire. Authorities are still assessing the situation, focusing on protecting lives and properties by attempting to halt the spread of the fire.

The Texas A&M Forest Service and other involved agencies are actively communicating and collaborating to coordinate their response effectively. They are closely monitoring the development of the fire and are prepared to adjust their strategies accordingly to combat the wildfire.

Residents in the affected and neighboring areas are advised to stay tuned to local news outlets and official social media channels for updates and safety information regarding the Gist Road Fire.

Given the current 0% containment status, emergency services are urging individuals to avoid the area to allow emergency vehicles and personnel to access the site unimpeded.

As the situation is dynamically changing, further updates regarding the wildfire’s progression and containment efforts will be communicated to the public as they become available.

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