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Popular Downtown Austin Restaurant Red Ash Evacuated Due to Fire

AUSTIN, TX, September 11, 2023 – Red Ash, a well-frequented restaurant located in downtown Austin, experienced a significant fire outbreak on Monday night.

The Austin Fire Department swiftly responded to the emergency, working meticulously not only to extinguish the flames but also to evacuate everyone from the premises safely. Following the evacuation, the efforts were directed towards eliminating the accumulated smoke within the building to prevent further complications and damages.

In a statement released via Twitter, the Austin Fire Department confirmed, “The restaurant has been evacuated & crews are working towards extinguishment as well as removing smoke from the building.”

At the moment, the extent of the damage remains unclear. Commuters and residents in the downtown area are advised to expect delays and to remain patient as emergency crews work to secure the area and manage the situation.

Further updates regarding the incident, including any potential injuries and the cause of the fire, will be provided as the investigation unfolds. The public is urged to steer clear of the area to allow emergency responders to perform their duties efficiently.

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