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Suspect Evades Police After Stolen Car Spotted in Houston’s Sunnyside

HOUSTON, TX, September 11, 2023 – Law enforcement in Houston are engaged in a search for an evading suspect after a stolen vehicle was spotted near the 4500 block of Wilmington in the Sunnyside area.

The Houston Police Department has dispatched patrol units as well as a K9 unit to aid in locating the individual. The K9 unit is comprised of specially trained dogs tasked with assisting officers in situations such as this.

As the situation is still unfolding, residents in the affected vicinity are advised to exercise caution. The police are asking the public to report any suspicious activities they might witness.

Details regarding the suspect and the stolen vehicle have not yet been released. Updates are expected as the investigation progresses. Anyone with information pertinent to the case is encouraged to contact the Houston Police Department to facilitate the ongoing search.

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