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Crosby Fire Department Investigates Reported Explosion, Tannerite Suspected

CROSBY, TEXAS – Nov. 16, 2023 – The Crosby Volunteer Fire Department responded to reports of a possible explosion near a residence on Hare Cook Road between FM 2100 and Miller Wilson at 8:02 PM last night. Upon arrival, emergency units found no evidence of damage, fire, or smoke. An extensive search in the area revealed a trash fire, but no conclusive signs of an explosion.

Social media posts have since speculated that the noise may have been caused by the detonation of Tannerite, a legal binary explosive commonly used in firearm target practice. The speculated location of the explosion was in the vicinity of Hare Cook and Miller-Wilson, close to the dispatched area. Tannerite is known to be potentially hazardous in large quantities or if used improperly, leading to possible injury or property damage.

Although there is no definitive evidence linking the incident to Tannerite, authorities are urging the public to use such materials responsibly and adhere to safety guidelines. They also encourage reporting of any suspicious activities, including unexpected explosions, to the proper authorities immediately.

In a related development, local farmer Kyle Walton shared a Facebook post claiming to have located the site of the explosion near Hare Cook Road. The photo he posted is included below for reference.

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