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Stanley 1913 President to Replace Customer’s Car After Mug Survives Vehicle Fire

In an extraordinary turn of events, a TikTok user named Danielle, who goes by the handle @danimarielettering, shared a video that captured the aftermath of her car catching on fire. Remarkably, a Stanley 1913 travel mug inside the car emerged seemingly unscathed from the incident. The video showcased the mug’s resilience, as Danielle demonstrated the sound of ice still rattling inside it, despite the surrounding devastation.

This incident quickly garnered attention on social media, reaching Terence Reilly, the president of Stanley 1913. In a gesture that underscores the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the robustness of their products, Reilly responded by creating a duet video on TikTok. He acknowledged the exceptional durability of the Stanley mug and announced that the company would not only send Danielle additional Stanley products but also replace the car that was lost in the fire. This act of generosity and customer care from Stanley 1913 is a notable example of a company going above and beyond in response to a unique and challenging situation.

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