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League City Police Seek Man for Stalking Teen Through Snapchat

LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS – Jan. 2, 2024 – The League City Police Department is actively searching for 20-year-old Victor Ferman, suspected of stalking a 15-year-old girl. The investigation began when the connection was made on Snapchat, where Ferman allegedly used the app’s map feature to locate the girl’s house.

At least six incidents of Ferman trespassing on the family’s property have been identified, dating back to August 2023. This includes an instance on December 1, 2023, where Ferman is reported to have broken the girl’s bedroom window. The police were alerted to these incidents on December 8, 2023.

Ferman, considered homeless but believed to be in Pearland, has reportedly made life-threatening statements and sent photos of a handgun to the girl, prompting police to consider him armed and dangerous. In response, increased patrols have been assigned to the girl’s neighborhood for her safety.

Ferman is facing stalking charges, with a bond of $80,000 set for his arrest. The League City and Pearland Police Departments are cooperating in the investigation, which may lead to additional charges considering the girl’s age.

The police are reminding parents to closely monitor their teens’ social media usage and to disable location-sharing settings. The public is encouraged to contact the League City Police Department with any information regarding Ferman’s whereabouts.

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