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Houston Uber driver accused of taking “Molly” before driving

Our friend Shelly Castle, who we reported on as driving while collecting unemployment has been spotted again. This time by a rider, who accuses Shelly of being on “Molly” which is a street name for ecstasy.

While this post does seem playful (I think those lights and the music may have Shelly in a ecstasy like mood), it really does highlight how easily an Uber driver can be accused of being on drugs.

At the same time, if Uber was properly tagged and came across this post or one like it, they would have no choice but to deactivate the driver immediately. If Shelly had actually been on “Molly”, the quicker she can get off the road, the better right?

While, I do appreciate Shelly’s attempt to make a better ride for her riders, and for herself (Do something you love, and you will never work a day right?) we need to be aware that riders may accuse you of being high, on drugs, or whatever. It is a thin line we walk.

One thought on “Houston Uber driver accused of taking “Molly” before driving
  1. There is nothing in the video that indicates she’s on drugs. She looks like she’s trying to give the rider a fun experience. To insinuate otherwise lends to slander in my opinion.

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